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The Tree Service You Can Rely On

Having issues with a few of the trees in your backyard? While watering the trees, you notice that some of them are starting to decay. This is a clear sign that they will need to be removed so that the rest of the trees won’t get affected. But because it can be quite a challenge to remove trees, you may want to book a reliable tree service from professionals such as Owen Tree and Landscaping. We’re more than capable of handling all of the tree work for you. Continue reading to learn more.

Our Tree Services

Tree Services

Tree Services

Our tree services will be including a variety of tasks such as tree removal, trimming, maintenance, and the like. So, whatever it is that your tree needs, leave the trees in our care and we’ll make sure that they end up being healthier than before.

Tree and Shrub Trimming
We can trim the trees and the shrubs on your property using tried and tested methods. We’ll make sure to use specific methods such as the three-cut method so that we will not cause damage to the tree or shrub.

Stump Grinding and Land Clearing

Stump Grinding and Land Clearing
If you have any stumps that are in the way, we can grind them for you so that you won’t have to deal with them anymore. We can even clear the entire land if that is what you prefer. We’ll be able to remove everything in the vicinity.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Spring and Fall Cleanup

During fall or spring, leaves and twigs on the ground will be collected and disposed of by our experts. Once that is done, we’ll then clean up the area including the ground and the pavement.

Transplanting and Overseeding

Transplanting and Overseeding

We can also transplant some plants that you want to move to make way for other landscape features. We can also provide overseeding services to those who need them. It depends on what you prefer.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

We provide a variety of other landscaping services that you might be interested in as well. We can conduct bob cut work, grading, and even edging and mulching. Rest assured that you will get the results that you want and then some if you hire us.

Edging and Mulching

Edging and Mulching
If you want proper edging for the lawn, we can install it for you and you get to choose the type of edging material. If you have concerns with the soil quality, we can apply mulch to improve it.

Skidsteer Work

Skidsteer Work
If there’s so much yard waste, we can use a skid-steer loading machine to easily and quickly bunch up the waste in one corner for easier disposal. We can use this machine for clearing.

The Need for Professional Work

The entire landscape can be intimidating to work with, especially if you have a lot of landscape features that you need to deal with. It would take much more than a Saturday morning to keep everything maintained. Imagine having to deal with so many issues such as decaying trees, weed overgrowth, and piles of fallen leaves. It would take so much of your time. This is why you should consider booking a quality tree service from us. We can handle all of the work for you.

The Process

Whether you need proper tree trimming or any other service that we are offering, we guarantee that our clients in Youngstown, NY will get one hundred percent customer satisfaction because of the process that we follow. We make sure to use cutting-edge equipment and tried and tested methods when dealing with the entire landscape and the individual landscape features installed in it. Give our services a try and see for yourself.

The Other Areas We Serve

Clients in Youngstown, NY aren’t the only ones who can benefit from our services. We have heard your demands and we understand that you also have concerns about your landscapes. This is why we are also providing our dependable services to clients in the surrounding areas. Check them out below and see if your area is included.

  • Ransomville, NY
  • North Tonawanda, NY
  • Lockport, NY
  • Lockport Town, NY
  • Wheatfield Town, NY

Owen Tree and Landscaping offers the tree transplanting service that you are looking for. If you are interested in any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as you can.


The Tree Service to rely on.

Do you have Dead Trees? 
Is bark falling off your ASH? 
Does your ASH just not look the same?
You probably have bugs in your ASH!

ASH yourself these Questions!

Emerald ash borer has killed more than 100 million ash trees,40 million ash trees in Michigan alone and tens of millions throughout other states and Canada.  Kots
 trees can die as soon as one to two years after infestation, while larger infested trees can survive for three to four years.
The most common way to control the emerald ash borer is to drench the soil around the tree with diluted insecticide. The tree absorbs the insecticide through its roots, killing the beetles as they feed on the tissues of the trunk laced with insecticide.
Our Eco-Friendly bio- based spraying technique and soil
drench application does exactly that! 
Results in 33 second. Yes, 33 seconds and the Emeramd 
Boreris no longer harmful. We spray thetrunk, branches, 
and foliage of the Ash tree. All our products are
100% Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Plant based, and have
extra a large list of additional benefits. Freeze and drought
resistance and healthier strong root system.

Client’s Testimonial

by katie agnello on Owen Tree and Landscaping
Great crew and clean-up

We had 4 trees removed. very satisfied with the tree removal,stump grinding and clean up. All the workers were very polite and Jeff is easy to work with.

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